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West Wiltshire Beekeepers

Basic Beekeeping


Advancement Study Group


The aim of this group is to work through the syllabus for the BBKA Basic Assessment in an informal, participating format.

Open to any beekeeper who has completed their first year as a beekeeper with bees, or any more experienced beekeepers wanting to refresh/further their knowledge up to this standard.

At the end of the 6 session course + one practical session with the Branch Bees, I hope all will take the assessment, but it is not essential.


11th February to 17th March on Thursdays at Tesco Trowbridge community room starting at 7pm for 2 hours.


Last year 12 members signed up 8 passed 2 with credits. In my opinion the others would have passed,( but perhaps they will defer to this year).

If you are interested please Email me  chris.rawlings@blueyonder.co.uk

Cost will be minimal approx. £2 per session.

Please book early

Group co-ordinator

 Chris Rawlings