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Summer training sessions are held, fortnightly from the end of April each year at the branch apiary which is located below the    White Horse at Town Farm, Bratton Road, Westbury, BA13 4TQ
 You will be welcome to come along and experience handling       bee. We can loan you a bee suit.

Apiary Visits for 20
     Saturday 18th August Honey extraction after


Branch Apiary

Any queries on meetings or apiary visits email  geraldinelenert@gmail.com


We hold meetings at the Methodist Church Hall, Station Road, Westbury, BA13 3HA   
  •   Monday 15th September 2018, 9am
    • West Wiltshire Branch Honey Show 
  •    Monday 12th November 2018, 7.30pm
    • West Wiltshire Branch Annual General Meeting
  • Saturday 1st September 
    • Bee Health Day, Bromham Social Centre, New Rd.. Bromham SN15 2JB 

  • Saturday 6th October 2018 
    •  Wiltshire Beekeepers Day
  •   Monday 8th October 2018
    • Skittles evening (more details Later)

Methodist Church Hall

During the season a variety of procedures will be carried out  at the apiary.

 These will include:

  • Queen marking/ clipping and keeping hive records
  • Testing for varroa levels
  • Changing brood combs: new for old
  • Changing a brood box
  • Swarm control 
  • Shook swarm/Bailey Comb Change
  • Clearing bees and taking honey
  • Extraction of honey
  • Feeding colonies
There will be opportunity for people to experience manipulating bees and learn from others at the social period after the hives have been attended.
Bee-suits can be supplied contact The Apiary Manager
Geraldine Lenert 01380 870229