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Bath & West Show

Bath & West Show

Bath & West Show 2013. ”150th Show”

From Chris Rawlings

Possibly the best show in the last 3 years, from my point of view. A very friendly fun Victorian atmosphere over the whole 4 days, with our chairman Terry Cooke , Fee Robinson, Sally Wadsworth and Alan Stonel dressing up and acting the part of beekeepers around the early 1900’s while demonstrating. I would like to thank all volunteer stewards who helped out, representing all Branches in Wiltshire, particularly for engaging with the public in explaining the examples on display. This was a major factor when the judge (past BBKA President Glynne Davis) chose the best County Display as Wiltshire’s stand. In his words ´it was dirty, sticky, and smelly, and represented what beekeeping is all about’. We had wax comb, showing worker and drone, queen cells drawn on foundation, hornet and wasp nests, propolis all for the public to touch and smell.  After the show is over breaking down and packing away as very time consuming and tiring job after a long day. This year four people stayed behind and helped me, my thanks to Alan and Margaret Ridout and Fee Robinson and Terry Cooke.

The Honey Show

The County Shield was won by Somerset again this year and they had twice our total of points. Wiltshire just didn’t have enough entries although the quality of entries was excellent. Thank you to all those who entered and managed to stage their exhibits


                                           click on the link for the  Results 
Pictured below exhibits from our Wiltshire Junior Member  Kiarra Linsey-Cooke with four first prizes and the Snelgrove Shield- Well done!.
Some of the exhibits at the Show