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Pollen Chart

A guide to the source of the pollen brought in by the bees.
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The importance of Bees  An informative resource that gives an overview of beekeeping and how bees influence our fruits and vegetables. 

Popular Press

This section shows NBU articles for popular journals and the press.

This section shows NBU articles for popular journals and the press.

Bee Craft

  • Husbandry Advice for Beekeepers, Managing Varroa, Learner, J., June 2014 pp. 39-41 (pdf)
  • Improving Honey Bee Health, Marris, G., Learner, J., Brown, M., May 2014 pp. 33-35 (pdf)
  • Control of Small Hive Beetle Using Nematodes, Cuthbertson, A., Marris, G., et al., February 2014 pp. 30-31 (pdf)
  • The Sweet Truth; Honey Imports, Budge, G., Learner, J., December 2013 pp. 20-21 (pdf)
  • An Overview of Material Produced by the NBU; Advisory Information, Learner, J., Parker, K., November 2013 pp. 6-7 (pdf
  • Tracking infections and Differences Between Countries; Distinguishing between EFB Outbreaks, Haynes E, June 2013 pp.27-28 (pdf)
  • A Simple Hornet Monitoring Trap, Flatman I. June 2013 , P.30 (pdf)
  • Cases of Mistaken Identity. The Asian Hornet, Marris G,Roy H. June 2013, p.30-32. (pdf)
  • Life Cycle of the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida, Cuthbertson A, Mathers J, Blackburn L, Marris G, May 2013 p32-33 (pdf)
  • Reflections From The National Bee Unit. The 2012 Field Season, Marris. G, Wattam. A., January 2013 p.35-39 (pdf)
  • EU Pilot Surveillance Programme: Part 2, Marris, G., Brown, B., October 2012 p9-11 (pdf)
  • EU Pilot Surveillance Programme: Part 1, Marris, G., Brown, B., September 2012 p9-11 (pdf)
  • Honey Bee Diagnostics at Fera: Part 2, Jones, B., Marris, G., 8th August 2012, p7-9 (pdf)
  • Honey Bee Diagnostics at Fera: Part 1, Jones, B., Marris, G., 7th July 2012, p17-19 (pdf)
  • Contingency Planning for the Small Hive Beetle, Jun 2012 (pdf)
  • The Random Apiary Survey (RAS) - Final Results, Budge, G., Brown, M., Marris, G., et al, January 2012 p1-2 (pdf)