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Pollen Chart

A guide to the source of the pollen brought in by the bees.
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Popular Press

This section shows NBU articles for popular journals and the press.

This section shows NBU articles for popular journals and the press.

Bee Craft

  • Husbandry Advice for Beekeepers, Managing Varroa, Learner, J., June 2014 pp. 39-41 (pdf)
  • Improving Honey Bee Health, Marris, G., Learner, J., Brown, M., May 2014 pp. 33-35 (pdf)
  • Control of Small Hive Beetle Using Nematodes, Cuthbertson, A., Marris, G., et al., February 2014 pp. 30-31 (pdf)
  • The Sweet Truth; Honey Imports, Budge, G., Learner, J., December 2013 pp. 20-21 (pdf)
  • An Overview of Material Produced by the NBU; Advisory Information, Learner, J., Parker, K., November 2013 pp. 6-7 (pdf
  • Tracking infections and Differences Between Countries; Distinguishing between EFB Outbreaks, Haynes E, June 2013 pp.27-28 (pdf)
  • A Simple Hornet Monitoring Trap, Flatman I. June 2013 , P.30 (pdf)
  • Cases of Mistaken Identity. The Asian Hornet, Marris G,Roy H. June 2013, p.30-32. (pdf)
  • Life Cycle of the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida, Cuthbertson A, Mathers J, Blackburn L, Marris G, May 2013 p32-33 (pdf)
  • Reflections From The National Bee Unit. The 2012 Field Season, Marris. G, Wattam. A., January 2013 p.35-39 (pdf)
  • EU Pilot Surveillance Programme: Part 2, Marris, G., Brown, B., October 2012 p9-11 (pdf)
  • EU Pilot Surveillance Programme: Part 1, Marris, G., Brown, B., September 2012 p9-11 (pdf)
  • Honey Bee Diagnostics at Fera: Part 2, Jones, B., Marris, G., 8th August 2012, p7-9 (pdf)
  • Honey Bee Diagnostics at Fera: Part 1, Jones, B., Marris, G., 7th July 2012, p17-19 (pdf)
  • Contingency Planning for the Small Hive Beetle, Jun 2012 (pdf)
  • The Random Apiary Survey (RAS) - Final Results, Budge, G., Brown, M., Marris, G., et al, January 2012 p1-2 (pdf)