Hive Originals skincare – handmade in Wiltshire

Hive Originals hand-craft a range of natural skincare using the honey & beeswax from their own hives in Wiltshire. The award winning product range includes hand balms, hand/ foot creams, moisturisers, shampoos, body washes, lip balms and more. All the products are made in small batches using unique formulas and are free from parabens, lanolin, mineral oils and SLS’s. https://www.hiveoriginals.co.uk/

Meadow in My Garden – connect with nature

Seed mixes for honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies & other creatures it has been heavenly. Their seed mixes make it easy to succeed and they are always on hand with help and advice to ensure you get the best results. Plus handmade Wiltshire beeswax hand creams, honey soaps and lotions with a fresh perfume inspired by wildflowers. www.meadowinmygarden.co

The Bee Depot

The Bee Depot is here to provide you with a local service for:

  • All Thorne's supplies

  • BB Wear clothing – try before buying

  • Second hand equipment bought and sold


Honey Beer

Devitera beer is made with care in our small microbrewery in Rowde, Wiltshire. We use Maris Otter barley that is floor malted by hand in Wiltshire, and our hops are whole flower which are less processed. We use traditional methods for brewing and packaging, and do things by hand wherever possible. Hand brewed, hand bottled, hand stamped, hand labelled. Each beer is a limited edition and bottle conditioned to create natural CO2. Due to the brewing and packaging process each bottle is 100% unique. www.devitera.co.uk

Local honey and handmade candles

Honey, candles and other hive products for sale from Wiltshire beekeepers.

Little Bee Designs

Environmentally friendly, illustrated home accessories, textiles, gifts and kits. Gifts for all seasons, occasions that can also be personalised.


Cotswold Beeskeps

David has been making beeskeps deep in the idyllic Cotswold countryside since 1982.

Although Beeskeps have been used for centuries to house bees or collect swarms of bees, they can also be used as a unique focal point in the garden, conservatory or home.

The same designs and materials that are used by David have been used for hundreds of years. Wheat straw is coiled round to create David's skeps. This material has been used in skep making from the 16th to the 18th centuries.


Bee Nucs of Swindon

Specialist builders of all types of nuclei for beekeeping.

Hive stands for nucs, two or three hives.

One Size Hives (OSH - Rose Hive Method)


Woodland Trust

The UK's largest woodland conservation charity. Established from humble beginnings in 1972 by our founder Kenneth Watkins OBE, it now has over 500,000 members and supporters and more than 1,000 sites, covering over 26,000 hectares, all over the UK.

It protects and campaigns on behalf of this country’s woods, plants trees, and restores ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Its vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.


Butterfly Conservation

In the last five years, Butterfly Conservation has embarked on some of the biggest butterfly projects to date. 

It currently has over 30 Nature Reserves all over the United Kingdom - all havens for butterflies and moths.

The data gathered in its world-renowned schemes is used by the Government to indicate the health of the environment. 

Whether it's an urban car park or peaceful woodlands, many habitats can be improved to attract butterflies and moths. Find out more.


Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was founded in response to serious concerns about the ‘plight of the bumblebee’. In the last 80 years, our bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically. The Trust is a science-led organisation. Our policy stances and our practical conservation work is informed through close evaluation of the latest scientific research and best practice.

Our vision is to ensure that our communities and countryside will be rich in bumblebees and colourful wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.


Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is creating living landscapes across Wiltshire by restoring, reconnecting and recreating wildlife habitats across landscapes for wildlife and people.

It does this by:

  • Protecting, maintaining and enhancing its nature reserves.

  • Increasing the amount of land, rivers and wetlands managed better for wildlife. 

  • Standing up for wildlife and the natural environment

  • Influencing and supporting the development of at least two living landscapes in each of Wiltshire’s distinctive landscape biodiversity areas.